How to arrange a honeymoon trip to Morocco

How to arrange a honeymoon trip to Morocco

Morocco, a country with 1001 nights’ romance, taking a trip to Morocco is a perfect choice for your honeymoon. It is a mythical realm where Amazigh and Arab (that’s coming from Aljazeera Arabia) elements combine, and it can bring you new exotic cultural experiences

You can wander the souks of Marrakesh medina to explore exquisite handicrafts, visit palaces and mosques of Fes el Bali for unique history and tradition, and take amazing photos in the blue city, Chefchaouen Medina. 

Unique landscapes are also waiting for you, from the High Atlas to the magnificent Asilah coastline. While camping in the Sahara desert at night, you can look up and see the glittering stars that bless your love

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The most famous romantic experience in Morocco.

1.Have a hot-air balloon trip.

When the balloon rises with the sun, an entire image of Morocco emerges little by little before your eyes. Villages, deserts, hills are all golden sun, as is the face of your loved one beside you.

2.Desert Camp

At night, you may raise your eyes to the stars in the vast desert. In silent, your words of love can only be heard by you and the stars.

merzouga camping camel tour sun
3.Relax and enjoy the Riads de Luxe.

The riad is a sort of traditional Moroccan accommodation that blends private houses or palaces with indoor Moroccan and Andalusian gardens or courtyards. Relaxing in a luxury riad will be a special and unforgettable experience.

4.Make the most of a romantic Moroccan dinner.

To dip into expertly crafted cuisine that has local flavor is something you cannot miss. With candlelight illuminating the table, you can enjoy a private atmosphere when tasting fine Moroccan dining.

merzouga camping camel tour sun

5.Appreciate Colorful Landscapes

Walk with your partner through mountains, seas, and deserts, where beautiful natural landscapes will bear witness to your vows. It is a good idea to take photos to record your sweet moments in nature.

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6.Top 7 more romantic moments
1. Marrakech Medina

 One of Morocco’s most important and famous towns is Marrakesh, which has a rich history. You can explore the wealth of human civilization here, and the majority of attractions have been included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. 

Marrakech’s customary arts and cuisine, as well as fantastic entertainment, will provide you with a truly exceptional trip experience.

Jemaa el Fna Square, one of the most famous sights, is a lively place for you to come across all sorts of local food stands and Moroccan artists. 

There are also various souks, which is the traditional Moroccan markets, in Marrakech Medina, where you can buy exotic items as souvenirs. It is rather relaxing to take a traditional mint tea in a bar or restaurant after a marvellous exploration.

Take a hot-air balloon flight from Marrakech when the sun is rising with your partner. Enjoy breathtaking views of Marrakesh with the blowing breeze, colorful sunshine, and changing clouds, which will be a highlight of your honeymoon trip.

  1. Sahara Desert

To live real life in the desert, you can spend one or more nights in a spacious deluxe tent designed for lovers couples. The colors of the enchanting Sahara Desert change all day, which is an amazing art of nature.

In the morning, you can have an authentic Moroccan breakfast before taking walks with the sunrise. There are a variety of activities during the day where you can have a good time with your partners. 

You can try quad bikes that will take you to visit some valleys or have a camel ride from the top of the dunes with the sunset. Sandboarding and buggies are also good choices.

The desert is almost silent at night. Beneath the twinkling stars, you can feel the slow flow of time with your partner, which is an unlikely experience in the hustle and bustle of the city

3. Fes el Bali

It is the oldest section of Fez, situated on each side of the Fez River. As the Idrisid dynasty’s capital, it features old walls and gates, with Bab Bou Jeloud being the most well-known gate. 

Fes el Bali and Fes Jdid, collectively known as the Medina of Fez, were included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1981.

Fes el Bali, often recognized as the Arab world’s best-preserved medina, is a living museum, where you can explore Moroccan history and heritage. 

Mosques, madrasas, hammams, and donkeys hauling carts down the cobblestone paths are still present in fascinating maze-like streets today.

It is the world’s largest urban region without automobiles, so it’s an ideal place for couples to walk, taking time with Morocco.

4. Chefchaouen Medina

It is one of the most magical medinas in Morocco, known as the “blue city”. Couples can travel through the blue urban forest, appreciating the colorfully painted buildings and peaceful streets.

A Moroccan cooking class in the medina will give you many incredible experiences. It is not just about cooking but a chance to experience Moroccan life in depth. 

The staff will lead you to buy fresh goods in the farmer’s market, show you how to prepare the ingredients, and guide you to cook traditional Moroccan food. It is also an appealing activity for couples to enjoy leisure time together.

Just outside of the medina, there is the Spanish Mosque on the hill. Around the mosque, fields of vibrant flowers dance in the breeze and shine in the sun. From the top of the hill, you can have the best views of the entire city and its surroundings.

  1. High Atlas

Some of Morocco’s most fascinating and stunning places may be found in the High Atlas, the largest mountain range in North Africa. 

The High Atlas has special wildlife, including birds like Moussier’s redstart, butterflies like Moroccan copper and some species of reptile. Local flora can also leave you a deep impression with its brilliant colors and wide range of variety.

There are some Berber villages, which have the mountain’s unique culture and traditions. Strolling through cultivated terraces, you will become immersed in the splendid scenery of rural Morocco and the warm hospitality of the villagers. Unique music and dances are waiting for you to explore.

If you are couples who are interested in bilking, the High Atlas offers some fine routes for riders of all skill levels for you to have fantastic adventure riding. Mountain biking in the High Atlas is popular among exercise enthusiasts.

  1. Asilah

It is a tranquil town located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. With a relaxing atmosphere, it is quite enjoyable to wander on quiet beaches and look out to the sea with the sea breeze blowing. 

New couples can sit on the beach, watching the sun rise and set as the water is cast by the sun in red, orange and purple.

Asilah medina is also worth visiting. Its buildings are painted in all kinds of colors, mostly including white, blue and green. Some visitors recommend this old town as a place in picture books, which attracts you to take photos.

  1. Casablanca

It is the largest city in Morocco, regarded as the center of economy and business. It is a paradise for shopping, where shopping centers like Morocco Mall, the Marina Shopping Center, and the Tachfine Center can offer you attentive service and high-quality merchandise. Especially in Morocco Mall, a massive aquarium called “Aquadream” provides a unique view of over 40 species of fish.

Hassan II Mosque, Africa’s second-largest functioning mosque, is a famous landmark in Casablanca. 

The mosque overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, with an architectural style combining Moroccan and Islamic culture and exhibiting Moorish influences. 

The Hassan II Mosque’s prayer room, which has a glass floor, has a spectacular underwater view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Its walls are decorated with traditional Moroccan art, involving zellij work and wood carvings. The small museum nearby gives more details about the mosque’s design.

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