One Day Guided City Tour Of Fes Sightseeing

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One Day Guided City Tour Of Fes Sightseeing There is two old cities, Fez El-Bali (Fez the old) founded at the end of the seventh century by Idriss I, and Fes El-Jedid (Fez the new) founded by Marinids five centuries later, are unforgettable. 

Old medina

The old medina is rich in heritage: its ramparts, castles, mosques, scented streets and souks that do not exist anywhere else. During this guided tour of the city of Fez, you will explore and discover one of the oldest medinas in Morocco, rich in heritage; its ramparts, castles, mosques, miles of scents and souks that do not exist anywhere else. 

We will tour the city through the legendary gates of Bab El Guissa in the north, Bab Ftouh in the east, and Bab Jdid, the nearest entrance to the souks. We will also visit the merinid tombs of Fez, Bab Boujloud, and the Karaouine mosque. A city with such a rich history deserves a guided tour, with visits to old palaces, ramparts, castles, mosques, and colorful streets.

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Highlights :
  • Visit the Mirinid tombs and enjoy the overview of Fes Medina
  • Visit to ceramic factory and discover the Artisans of Fes
  • Visit Al-Qarawiyyin University, the oldest operating university in the world
  • See Bab Boujloud Gate with its colorful ceramic decorations
  • Discover fes from the panoramic view
  • Visit the ramparts and discover the museums of fes
  • Explore the old medina and enjoy the labyrinth colorful souks

During this guided tour of the city of Fez, you will walk through the alleys of the medina of Fez, which is authentic and traditional and lives to the rhythm of history. You will discover its Koranic schools, medersas (Attarine, Bounania, etc.), fountains, Andalusian style palaces, mausolea (Moulay Idriss II, Sidi Ahmed Tijani, etc.), the Al Karaouiyine University, the oldest in the world. 

Themed souks

You will also visit the many themed souks and numerous craft workshops, including the famous tanners’ quarter, weavers’ quarter, and cabinet makers, observing age-old craftsmanship. 

The day includes a lunch at a typical Moroccan restaurant in the heart of the medina of Fez.

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