The beauty of Essaouira

Essaouira is a Moroccan caostal city known for its picturesque nature and beautiful beaches .


its location

its features

  • Beautiful beaches :  known for its beauty , golden sands and blue waters.
  • Rich history and cultural diversity :  dates back to the 11th century and has passed through many civilizations and cultures and includes several historical landmarks such as essaouira Citadel and old city.
  • Calm atmosphere : the weather is beautiful, pleasant and refreshing all year round.
  • Delicious food :Pearl of the south offers local Moroccan cuisine such as tagine , barbecue and couscous.


  1. Visit the old city : when you visit it, it provides you with the opportunity to discover the history and culture of the region and visit mosques, schools, and traditional baths.
  2. The shopping : shopping in Essaouira is a beautiful and enjoyable experience, especially if you go to the traditional markets.
  3. Visit the Essaouira Museum : is one of the city’s important cultural landmarks
  4. Visit the bird park : The park includes a large variety of local and migratory  birds, providing an opportunity to enjoy watchingand photographing them
  5. Practice water sports : there are many water activities available  because it is a coastal city, such as windsurfing.
  6. Sports activities: like golf, hors riding, and walking long distances in picturesque nature.
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