The beauty of Essaouira

Essaouira is a Moroccan caostal city known for its picturesque nature and beautiful beaches . it is characterized by its calm atmosphere and includes many tourist attraction , suchas the old city. it has luxury hotels and upscale restaurants , and thus it is considered a distinctive and beautiful tourist destination worth visiting.

its location

its features

  • Beautiful beaches :  known for its beauty , golden sands and blue waters.
  • Rich history and cultural diversity : Essaouira dates back to the 11th century and has passed through many civilizations and cultures and includes several historical landmarks such as essaouira Citadel and old city.
  • Delicious foods : Essaouira offers many delicious dishes like couscous, tajin, harira and grills.
  • Calm atmosphere : the weather is beautiful, pleasant and refreshing all year round, making it an ideal destination at any time of the year.


  1. Visit the old city : when you visit it, it provides you with the opportunity to discover the history and culture of the region and visit mosques, schools, and traditional baths.
  2. The shopping : shopping in Essaouira is a beautiful and enjoyable experience, especially if you go to the traditional markets. you will find beautiful products such as carpets, jewelry, traditional clothes, and many other fish products, which makes it an enjoyable experience.
  3. Visit the Essaouira Museum : is one of the city’s important cultural landmarks, displaying a variety of exhibits that reflect the history and culture of the region. the museum is located in the Old City and is considered one of the city’s most important cultural landmarks.
  4. Visit the bird park : the bird park in Essaouira is a distinctive tourist destination that combines the beauty of nature and the diversty of bird life. The park includes a large variety of local and migratory  birds, providing an opportunity to enjoy watchingand photographing them 
  5. Practice water sports : there are many water activities available in Essaouira because it is a coastal city, such as windsurfing , rubber boating, diving, and sea fishing.

Essaouira is an ideal tourist destination to explore and enjoy. you will find everything you need to spend an unforgettable vacation


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